• Beh sima specialized center of skin, hair and laser

Beh sima specialized center of skin, hair and laser

About Behsima Specialized Dermatology Center

Beh sima specialized clinic is the most equipped skin and laser center in Iran. It was built in 1380 with the joint attempt of the graduates of Tehran medical college in response to the increasing needs of ill people. The aims of its founders is to provide good and convenient services which are scientifically up to date. And because of that, great professors of universities who are also members of faculty and known surgeons are invited for cooperation in this medical center. This center tries to improve its services qualitatively and quantitatively with the company of 70 specialized surgeons and they try to employ the newest technology and equipment.

Services Provided In Behsima

Consultation and specialized treatment of diseases

Treatment of deep skin scars

Treatment of vascular lesions

Treatment of scars and burns

Wart cryotherapy

Removing skin lesions

Treatment of hair and eyebrow loss due to illness

Laser hair removal due to hormonal disease

Correction of facial deformities and neuromuscular problems

کلینیک پوست و مو بهسیما

Contact Us

No 10, Shahin Alley, Above of Tavanir (Dey Hospital), Valiasr Ave, Tehran
Tel: +980218887300-8 , +9802188876333 , +9802188876444 , +9802188875501-4
Fax: +9802188772569
Turn taking time period: Every day except off days from 8 to 20, Thursdays from 8 to 18

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