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Product Description
A flat washer is a thin ring with a circular outer diameter and a central hole (inner diameter), and its size is only larger than a bolt or screw. Flat washers are usually used to evenly distribute the load of bolts, screws, and nuts when tightening fasteners. Although there are many types of flat washers, the standard is the most commonly used.
Product Details
Product name: flat washer
Product standard: DIN125
Material: 304 stainless steel
Grade: A2
Flat washers are used to support and disperse the load on the exposed area of bolts and nuts to prevent pull through.
The flat washer is a thin plate with a round outer diameter, and the center hole (inner diameter) is punched into the size of a bolt or screw.
Flat washers can be used to facilitate the movement of rotating parts, or when the hole of the fixed fastener assembly is larger than the finishing nut.
Galvanized steel flat washers are made of steel and galvanized to protect fasteners from environmental damage and improve durability.Washers

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